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VERY disappointed with Wal-Mart

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Ok, as most of you have seen walmarts Halloween section is crap this year! The one we have here, in fact is the biggest selling walmart in ND, dosnt have crap, three rows of costumes and maybe 1/2 row of decorations and props :(
Very upset. Its pretty bad when a local grocery store has more props than they do.
Maybe as it gets closer they will have more out, but it dosnt look good.
No tombstones at all yet this year. Ill be making my own anyway.
Hardly any masks, just costumes.
I guess Ill be shopping online this year. My wife always gets me a few things for Christmas when everything goes on sale right after Halloween, not this year. Not only have they tried to ruin my Halloween, they are about to ruin my Christmas also.. LOL
Well guys, end of rant. Hope you all ahve better luck than I do!!
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I sympathize my friend. They were pretty much the last store around here to put any Halloween items out and they have nothing in the way of props. A few over-done glittered foam words and plastic decorative bowls/plates/cups and that's about it.

Very very disappointing!
Our Walmart has tombstones, and I bought a few of their bigger skeletons. I'm thinking about going back for their flourescent ghosts to put them in the garage with a black light
Yeah same with my Walmart. I work there too so it upsets me every time I pass it on the way of when I have to clock in. It depresses me to see that they hardly have any items in.
The Walmart where I live is the same way. They don't have nearly the amount of items that they normally put out. It has to do with the economy because I've noticed that they are cutting back on the amount of different brands of non-Halloween items as well.
We don't have any props AT ALL yet....half of our isle is currently filled with those multi-colored cheap TOT baskets.
Ours had 4 different tombstones two have those had the pictures in them.They had a box each of the witch with tray-skelly with tray and baseball vendor.They had 4 shelfs not full of light up pumpkins but no of the big ones.Even the treat isle was pitiful.No black spiders all neon.Not even a whole lot of costumes thank goodness we have the internet.
ditto mine as well...no props at all..alot of candy and baskets and of course costumes...i guess alot of ppl r not decorating in Walmarts neck of the woods...:(
I am so disappointed in my Walmart too. They have nothing but a few costumes & TOT baskets/bags. I've gotten in the past some great animated items but have yet to see any. They usually start putting the Halloween stuff up right after 4th of July & didn't do anything until about 2 weeks ago. Very disappointing!
I was hugely disappointed. It seemed like their selection was mostly some very cheap costumes and costume pieces and party paper supplies and stuff for the very casual almost non-decorator. Boo on Wal-Mart!
I just went to Wal-Mart last night as well. Not only am I very disapointed in their selection this year.....they jacked up the prices too!!! :eek:

I bought 4 packs of black cheezecloth and actually brought them back. It was the cheapest cheezecloth I have ever seen!! :mad: It was more like black netting!!!

Anyone care to send me some ACTUAL black cheeze cloth? ;)
Same where I live too, its the largest store in town and has the worst selection in town. First Spencers doesn't have any props and now Walmart is dropping the ball. I'm hoping maybe they'll get more selection in next week or the week after, very discouraging
:(I tried getting some lights last night and no lights! Not much here at are Walmart... :mad:
Poor Selection At Walmart

Hi all I feel the same way, I live in Wichita Falls, Texas our stores 3 of them have no decorations, just candy and costumes, I wonder if they are trying to push the site to store, if you go to walmart.com they have some props that ships to the store, I sent a email to the walmart and complained about this, have not heard back more than likely will not.
Last year I raided them on Nov 1st to get 50 percent off, but this year I was walking through wondering what (if anything) I would come here for on the day after! Target is on my hit list, but Walmart is now reduced to "on the way home if I need some milk that day".

I do like the male/female lenticular tombstones though. I picked them up, even though I'll probably see them on the 1st. They will need some serious beefing up, though, before next Halloween.
We have 4 Wally worlds now and they were all converted to Super Wal-Marts (we call them Stupor Walmarts around here) over the past two years. Now we are paying for it. Much higher prices, terrible selection and forget about Halloween stuff. And I thought they loved the business from China. Even Slams Club (same company) has a very limited selection with high prices.
Walmart is a bust this year, as is Kmart and, IMO Target. Very flat selection. I've been to three local Walmarts and won't be back to any of them. What they have out is what they'll have. It won't get any better as the weeks go on. Sad.
The Walmart in my town has basically what everyone else is reporting and my Walmart is a "Supercenter". I go down the road 10 miles to another Walmart Supercenter and while not laoded for bear they have tombstones galore at least 12 types. The ball park skeleton , the skeleton greeter and the witch greeter. Very strange... the ball park skeleton looked so good I bought him on the spot.
The Walmart where I live is the same way. They don't have nearly the amount of items that they normally put out. It has to do with the economy because I've noticed that they are cutting back on the amount of different brands of non-Halloween items as well.
In my opinion, Halloween, and Christmas stuff are the stuff they should put more out because they are huge sellers. They would be better to take away clothes, garden stuff, sports stuff (like footballs, golf clubs, - I say this because people have footballs, and they might keep the stuff they have if they are hurting.), and so on because those stuff people can take it or leave it.

However, I was listening to CNBC show which in my opinion was a negative slant towards Wal-Mart, but in it they talked about Wal-Marts new strategy. They also talked about the new strategy on Yahoo (in the news section) not too long ago. The strategy is to clear up aisles, and put major stuff on endcaps. Why are they cleaning up the aisles?

Wider aisles means more people can fit in them, and the store looks cleaner. I think this is completely idiotic because those things in the middle of aisles equal me buying those things whereas I may not travel down the drink aisle that has Powerade at $.79, but in the middle of the aisle, it's right there, and I might buy it. If it's right in front of you, you get tempted.

With wider aisles means less merchandise, and less brands as they have said in that show!! Again, I don't see that many people in the clothes section. Sure, there are some, but that's what nearly half the store (if there is not a major food section). In my opinion, taking away some clothes would be a smarter solution than taking away seasonal stuff. Food and Healthcare could be expanded though because that's where I see a lot of people when I'm in Wal-Mart.
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Our Walmart just finished its remodel...we hate it. They moved everything, put pharmacy health and beauty in a really stupid spot next to grocery, but more than that, they do not have the same selection that they did. In everything, not just halloween. I don't know what parasite infected the brains of their upper level vps, but it just plain sucks. We could go in, get around fine, find what we need and get out...now we don't know where anything is, the aisles are not conducive to getting around, particularly the butt-%&$%@^ STUPID way they did the pharmacy.
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