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Various Prize Categories: gory food, costume, game???

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I've seen the thread a for costume ideas (great).

Since guests are bringing "finger foods" to add to what I provide, I thought it would be fun to give out an award for Ghastly Savory and Ghastronomically Sweet, BUT I have no ideas of what sortof award to make/provide.

ALSO, what about awards for the Winking Murderer game: One for Murderer (probably a rubber knife sprayed silver and gooed up in faux blood) and what if there....geez, I'm stumped on this one. Maybe just goody (candy bags) for those that escape death.

YOUR Turn...help!!
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I was on a skeleton hunt yesterday. First DT, cheap, but wasn't lovin' the quality. However I did buy my big skell trophy there and would have made all trophies outta him, but the other's were messed up.

Second, went to Michaels and bought a pack of 6 skells, basically identical to the DT's but better made. Cost was over$5, but had a 50% off coupon.
Got them all sprayed today, One is missing as some of it's accents aren't made yet.

Three awards/trophies for costumes: BEST, Scarey, and Funny

Head Sculpture Mask Personal protective equipment Art

Skeleton Metal Brass Figurine Fictional character

Skeleton Brass Metal Figurine Bronze

Since FOOD is playing an intregal part of this shindig,(everyone is to bring "finger food"), the competition is for Ghastly Gross Sweet and Disgustingly Delicious Savory.
Skeleton Figurine Sculpture Metal Brass
Savory isn't completed yet.
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