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Variable and continuous output fog machines

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I've been looking for a variable and continuous output fog machine for ground fog effect for my hone haunt. (I'm using a home build fog chiller.)

In the past, I used a 1,000 Watt unit that was set on a timer for 30 seconds on and 2 minutes off. (This is so I don't fog up the street too much.)

What would better is a fogger that would run continuously that I dial in the the amount of fog it outputs. I may have found it in the Xstatic Pro Lighting Twister 1200 ($99-$150), but the website is a bit lite on the details.

As anyone used this fogger or got another one that will run continuously and let you adjust the output level of the fog on a home haunter's budget?

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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