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Variable and continuous output fog machines

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I've been looking for a variable and continuous output fog machine for ground fog effect for my hone haunt. (I'm using a home build fog chiller.)

In the past, I used a 1,000 Watt unit that was set on a timer for 30 seconds on and 2 minutes off. (This is so I don't fog up the street too much.)

What would better is a fogger that would run continuously that I dial in the the amount of fog it outputs. I may have found it in the Xstatic Pro Lighting Twister 1200 ($99-$150), but the website is a bit lite on the details.

As anyone used this fogger or got another one that will run continuously and let you adjust the output level of the fog on a home haunter's budget?

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although this doesn't answer your question ... i have 2 fog machines with wireless remotes ... that way i can manually trigger the fog when ever i want ... unfortunately you can only fog once the heater block has reached temperature ... the pump won't work when the heater is too cool ... yes what you want to do is doable but i haven't found a machine that does this on the cheap :-(

i recently purchases a monoprice fogger that comes with a wireless remote ... i briefly tested it to verify that it wasn't doa ... its probably going to give my vei a run for the $ ... i think it's 1/2 to 1/3 the price of my vei ... if you google monoprice fogger, you'll get links to this site and others ...

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