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Vampire theme for 2015

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This will be our third Halloween party and second time doing a theme. Last year was zombies, this year is vampires.

We're going to be decorating the garage, back yard, lounge, kitchen / dining, hallway and bathroom. So far, we've decided to make some big red gothic windows (to go over the actual windows) and most likely a cemetery with some big gates for outside. Those are the big projects we're working on, but there's still a lot to think about and plan for. It's not particularly easy getting props here in Western Australia and postage from overseas is stupidly expensive, so we'll be DIYing the bulk of the decorations. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We're going for an elegant gothic vibe, and want it to be scary as well.
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I had a vampire masquerade two years ago, so blood and related things everywhere. :D I concentrated on this gothic-victorian-blood-theme in decorations and food, and our outfits.
I had blood-filled glass cupcakes, blood in syringes, bloodsalsa for batwings, blood-eyeball punch etc. Loads of led-candles, masquerade decor (masks, fabrics etc), I had glass bottles filled with blood from different victims and labeled them as such (Girl, 15, virgin, y.1456), I made "ancestor" busts from old rubbermasks and paverpol, handed out little vials of blood as a party favor. I also built a spider room, in our bathroom, I made a huge 2m wide spider to hang from the ceiling, lots of small ones underneath and on the walls, cocoons and a severed hand cover in web, red lighting. One of my friends couldn't go pee bc it was too much spiders! :D (Luckily we have other bathrooms as well).
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