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Vampire Slayer/Hunter Costume (looking for feedback, comments, and suggestions)

Happy Early Halloween everyone! I hope all of you are having an eerie time perfecting your spooky outfits. This year, I am going to be attending the Las Vegas Halloween Parade(http://www.thelasvegashalloweenparade.com/) as the stereotypical Vampire Slayer! I've been hard at work perfecting this one, and am just looking for some feedback or suggestions. So, without further adieu, here is my costume!

I used velcrow stripping to create various slots through the jacket for stakes, holy water, etc.

Inspiration was heavily drawn from such characters as:Blade from Marvel;Van Helsing from The 2004 Hugh Jackman Film;Alucard from Helsing. It's sort of a marriage of all these characters. I also have a shotgun I will post pictures of at a later time and stylized sunglasses. Let me know your thoughts everyone!

Happy Haunting!
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