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Vampire photoshoot

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As some of you may know I'm going to be a vampire this year at the local six flags. So Hallokitty and I did a vampire photo shoot to put on our characters myspaces. The photos will also be in an art show in Corpus Christi. Heres the first teaser picture. Much more to come.:D Tell me what you think.
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i second that, very cool. wow, very well orchestrated.
Holy @#$% THats you????? THat looks amazing!!! Cant wait to see the other pics

You both look amazing and the photography is excellent!

Can't wait to see more. :cool:
Great picture! I love it! :)
Whoa. That is freakin' awesome!!!! You guys look great!
Well done!
Have fun at Fright Fest. I hope ours is better this year...
Great shot! Looks so professional. You must totally love what you do...(I think I'm envious!) ;) :D
Uh huh. Is someone jealous?

That's a pretty kick ass photo!

eh .. its so-so.
THanks guys glad you like it. If you think this one is cool just wait till you see the others. They blow this one out of the water!! :D
GD you are the Vampire king. Looks great!
Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uh huh. Is someone jealous?

That's a pretty kick ass photo!
Haha, I was just screwing around. Its a neat photo, I just figured there was enough people raving about it and why not give a mediocre comment.
looks great!

is that a stake sticking out of your head or part of the backdrop? :)
1 - 20 of 60 Posts
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