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Vampire Mask

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Ok, I just got this mask for free on Freecycle! Did I mention I got it FREE?!?! Ok, yes...I'm a little excited and just had to show it off! :D
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You lucky dog you!!!
Free? Can't beat Free. Are you going to wear it or use it for a prop? Either way, it's a fantastic mask.
Nice! I'm pretty sure thats this mask: Death Studios

Awesome deal!
Skulkin, I am definitely going to be making a prop with it and then possibly switching places with the prop on Halloween night. Chubacapra, thats it. I was actually searching the net, trying to find who made it, but you found it for me, thanks! I love a lot of the other masks on that site too!
I opened the pic and for a second thought I was looking at my ex mother in law. Now that's scary!

Seriously, nice score!!
Excellent score!!! That thing is seriously creepy.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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