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Hallow Forum Fiends and Family --

My hubby and I have just listed a special item on Ebay that I thought I would share with the Forum. For several years, we would set up a special display in our front "Vampire Room" of a vampire Hunter Slayer Kit. We have had so many compliments - and decided to assemble one for sale this year (need to help pay for my Halloween habit :eek:) Plus - we have always been disappointed with the ones we see out there in stores and online for sale. I took all year hunting for the contents and so here it is ( I hope I put the link to EBay in right...)

If you like it - and have any questions - feel free to reach me or my hubby via the E-Bay listing or through the Forum. It was a labor of love - and I hope someone will really enjoy it. Oh - and of course -- BOO! :D

Vampire Hunter Slayer Kit Halloween Prop

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