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Vampire Fang Reviews?!

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Hi everyone!

I've been searching everywhere for some reviews on 'Bloody Mary' fangs, and how well they compare to 'Scarecrow' fangs as my friends and I are going as vampires (origional, i know! :rolleyes: ) this year, and i've been designated to source all the stuff!

It's really difficult to get hold of decent fangs in the uk, as most are American brands, but i managed to find a store over here that sells both Scarecrow and Bloody Mary fangs. The Bloody Mary ones work out at about £9 and the Scarecrow are £15.

Now, i've heard good things about Scarecrow, but wondered if Bloody mary fangs are almost as good, so we can save the difference in cash....more to spend on booze then! :p

Also, i have quite big teeth, would the subtle scarecrow fangs look silly on me? or does the subtle bit just refer to how long they are rather than how wide they are?

Any help would be great!

Thanks everyone!!!