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Vampire costume 09

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Been looking for new costume ideas for this years vampire. This will also be the costume I'll be wearing for fright fest this year. So far I'm thinking of a Goth Metal vicotrian vampire. Know what I mean? If you dont know I mean someting closley resembling this

Diffrent hair and diffrent boots. I think those boots have too many straps and it's the first thing you see. I want platform boots but notsomething as distracting so I found these at Hottopic
THey still look goth and not to distracting from the costume and I think there good at 3 inches lol.

Pants I have some black skinny jeans that I'm going to paint silver pinstripes on too.

Have a deep blood red shirt and a black vest

Also have three things of finger armor that I got in January.

as for the tie have have a black silk tie but I found this and thought it's kinda cool and has that gothic metal victorian look.

I think it would look good.

Contacts...one word....Sclera's. Scelara contacts cover the entire eye eye and usually cost about $300. I found these that I think are perfect for a vampire and the price is actually not bad compared to the price for some.
Dracul Custom Contact Lenses | Sclera Contacts | Grimm Brothers Halloween Specialty Store |

Ok now the jacket. I want a tail coat but with a metal victorian twist. I have found a few. Dont want to spend any thing over $130 since the contacts will be a pretty penny. I have found quite a few so I want yalls opinion on this. Put in mind the look I'm going for.

Coat1 $59.00
This is the first one I found and as I look at it I like it less that the ones I have found now. The back could easily be cut into the clasic tail look and for about$59 is a steal.

Coat2 $74.99
This one is actualy a shirt but I think it has a jacket look. Also it has an advantage that since I'm outside all day it can get HOT. So a thin material might be a good thing I also like the back of it.
only problem is the front which buttons up. But I think it would be ok to leave it open. I could probaly figure something out

Coat3 $129.99
I really like this one. Not so much the price but somtimes you have to pay for good things. It doesnt have that "traditonal" tail look but it's still longer in the back which matters. I especially like the back

Tell me what you guys think! Opinions, Ideas, questions. Not just the coats but the whole costum in genral. It looks like things I'll have to buy will be boots, Jacket, and contacts and possibly the ascot thing. Like I said I hate spending money.
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OK, that look oozes 'awesome.' I WANT that last jacket! Ahem, anyway, I am sort of torn between the second and third (not sure what the first looks like in the front, but it is almost too simplistic in that photo provided). I suppose if past experience has shown you tend to burn up in thick costumes - even in the absence of that accursed sunlight;) - I would recommend the second. Still, the silky material on the shirt might not quite pull it off. Hmm, despite that price, the third jacket seems to pull off the look in the photo best. You could also amp up the metal-quality by replacing those front buttons with brushed steel buttons (or some gothic buttons like these designs:Argoth - gothic Uk goth and Cufflinks, buttons).
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