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UV Reactive Jell-O

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Basically i wanted to share a recipe that makes a Jello that reacts to UV light....


Tonic Water
Packet of Jello
Pan and Cooker


1) First find out the amount of water needed for the packet of Jello, but instead of water use tonic water...( Tip; Add an extra bit of water as the water will evapourate )

2) Pour the tonic water into a pan and bring to the boil...

3) Take off the boiling tonic water and make up the jello packet...

4) Pour out solution into the containers..

5) Leave the jello to set...

6) Once set take the jello and place under the UV light...

7) Enjoy!


~ It is safe to consume...
~ The tonic water contains a chemical called "Quinine", which is UV reactive...
~ You can use this for any other recipes that need water...

Picture From Instructables

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Can't wait to give this a spin! I wonder how different flavors will affect the glow color.

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I ran out and tried this tonight... couldn't wait.

It didn't glow like in the picutre unless you put the black light RIGHT on it. Might have to do some sort of light-table to get it to really work. The recipe says to wait for the jello to set up before using the UV light. I was impatient, so I didn't wait for it to set. Not sure whether that'll affect it or not.

Also, I used both a huge 48" true black light and an incandescent type screw-in black light. The incandescent one made the green jellow glow red. Any guesses on that one?


As a side note, while I had the black light out, the Mr. Clean in the kitchen was AWESOME and the Palmolive (regular old green stuff) was pretty cool to. Jif peanut butter glowed a weird yellow. The tonic water by itself was a crazy whitish blue.

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So when we tried it, it tasted like, well JellO made with tonic water. We threw most of it out because it tasted like ____. I suggest you try this out before you serve it at a party. You will likely want to tweak the recipe. We used sugar-free jello and regular Safeway Tonic Water. It really was awful. Also, it didn't glow very much unless it was right by the black light (within a few inches.) This is one of those things you should give a test-drive to avoid disappointment.

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