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This was my last year doing a home haunted house in my garage. I have about 32-34 full sized 4' x 8' waferboard walls and some other smaller pieces of wood like 2' x 8' and 4' x 6' walls. There are also quite a few 2 by 2's and 2 by 4's. A lot of the walls are painted. The different painted walls are:
- Black
- White with red and black to make it look dirty and drippy
- Neon spray paint for clown
- White with green dirty drips
Some of them are also painted double sided and all of these boards were enough to do an entire 3 car garage haunt. So there is about 150ft of waferboard walls.

If you are interested please leave a comment! I live in Orem, Utah and would like to get $200 for all of it.

Heres a few pics:


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