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Using Liquid Latex for Large Props

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I was considering using liquid latex to create wings for a demon prop this year. I've never used it before, can someone who's used it for anything similar sized please let me know if I'm off track?

If I create an outline of a wing on the garage floor, pour liquid latex & allow to dry, will it lift up? Or will I have a big sticky mess?
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I've never heard of sheet latex, so thanks! A quick Amazon check turned up some sheets, but too small and too thin. If there's another place to check out online, please let me know.

Thanks also for the cornstarch and other tips. This will be the first time I do anything with latex, so that's helpful info. I may just try a couple small pours on the garage floor, one with nonstick spray down first and the other dry. See how they behave. When I do the wings, I'd like them to be 3 or 4 feet wide, each. Would also like to put something in to simulate veins. If I put a light on them, the semi-translucent material (I hope) will look pretty cool.
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I have a much better concept now of how to proceed, thank you for all the great input. To summarize & add a little bit:

- Spread mold release, cooking spray, or auto wax on garage floor prior to pour
- Use a form to outline the shape, or pour extra and trim into shape later
- Pour a layer and allow to dry
- Apply Mosquito netting across entire surface, and rigid bar of some sort across the top to provide structural strength
- Add thick red threads for vein/ vascular effect
- Pour another layer of latex on top of the netting
- After cure, dust with corn starch to prevent latex from sticking to it's self or other things
Thanks for the "heads up" on latex wings. I saw someone from the TV show "Face Off" use latex for wings, but of course they have access to alot of materials I don't. Also, they don't have to deal with wind. It's an excellent point, I do have wind sometimes, occasionally strong wind. I could cut some holes in the wings to reduce the "sail" effect, and also make the figure look like it's been in many fights.

Where did you get the bamboo?

I will re-think my intent to use latex. I already ordered at small test amount, but I can re-purpose it.
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