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Using Liquid Latex for Large Props

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I was considering using liquid latex to create wings for a demon prop this year. I've never used it before, can someone who's used it for anything similar sized please let me know if I'm off track?

If I create an outline of a wing on the garage floor, pour liquid latex & allow to dry, will it lift up? Or will I have a big sticky mess?
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as for peeling off the garage floor or something similar, you may want to lay down a serious coat of automobile wax (turtle wax or some other paste wax) and rub it out before you try this. The latex will most certainly stick to the floor (and itself, great tip on the baby powder / cornstarch earlier). make sure you go at least 6-8 inches past your intended size on the floor to account for any last minute creativity while it is down. You can also do multiple applications of latex while it is down to build up the thickness until you are happy with it.
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