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Using Liquid Latex for Large Props

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I was considering using liquid latex to create wings for a demon prop this year. I've never used it before, can someone who's used it for anything similar sized please let me know if I'm off track?

If I create an outline of a wing on the garage floor, pour liquid latex & allow to dry, will it lift up? Or will I have a big sticky mess?
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I think I would cut mosquito netting to form and dunk/coat it in the latex, then hang over a form to dry.

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Just remember that liquid latex will flow before it sets, and if you drape dip-coated netting over a form with higher and lower areas, you'll get thick and thin spots. Also, if you use a non-elastic reinforcement like netting, your finished product will lose the elasticity of just latex. That may or may not be an issue for you, but it's something to bear in mind.
The medium is fairly pricey. If you choose to dip, you might want to consider a little small-scale experimentation before you go for the real deal.
One thing I've been doing (and it depends on what look you're going for on the wings whether it's a good idea or not here) is mixing liquid latex with paint, and then dunking fabric in it to use in some kind of cross between monster mud and Mr Chicken style corpsing.

About 3-4 parts paint to latex. (I mix small batches and don't measure exact) It stretches the latex out quite a bit, driving the overall cost down ($5 mismatched paint, yay!), is proving much lighter than monster mud, and more weather resistant without sealers. "Down" side is that unlike monster mud you'll never have such a thing stand on it's own, it will need a form. The latex content makes cleanup easy: allow dry, and it will peel off skin non-porous floors.

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You forgot:
- take pictures and post to forum.

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