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Using Halloween as a Milestone Marker...Anyone Else?

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Halloween, in all it's orange and black glory, is certainly one of my favorite times of year. I've always loved it, can't quite explain why. Then again, members of this forum can probably relate! (The fact that I even found this site lurking in the depths of Internetland blows my little mind! Ah, what a time to be alive...)

This particular 2016 Halloween will mark my 16th week of pregnancy, as writing this I'm only 9 weeks and still in that uncertain "early zone." Once Halloween hits I'll finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief and feel "safe." It was a scary surprise, but hey, all the better fitting for the holiday! So this gives me something a little extra to look forward to on October 31.

My biggest regret is that I won't be sporting enough of a baby bump to do the whole gory-zombie-doll-popping-out-of-my-stomach costume, which is a tragedy if you ask me.

Anyone else using Halloween as a milestone marker? A weight loss goal, anniversary of something, anything like that?

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Welcome and congrats on the Halloween baby!
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