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I am a sound crafter, and I grab sound bites from a multitude of sources and mix them together, warping them together with background music. For some reason, I can't let go of my completed works, partially because I want to keep them exclusive to my haunt and partially because I don't want to see them pop up elsewhere without any credit. I'm funny that way.

But, the sounds in the rar file I'm putting up on Megaupload are a few that I had left over from my months of work. I've been doing this for a few years, but my latest round started this past spring and ran through the summer and fall.

Anyway, enough of that garbage. These are the sounds included:

-Two clips from the original Wolf Man b&w Universal film, both of the old gypsy woman.

-A chant from The Blood on Satan's Claw.

-A comment and chant from Satanis, the film about Anton LaVey
-Two further Lavey clips.

-The chant from Practical Magic

-"When there is no more room in Hell..." the classic clip from Dawn of the Dead

-A clip from an old horror trailer about giant ants. "They're hurding us like cattle!"

-A track I doctored/warped named "Circus 02." This was actually rejected by the guy in charge of my haunt's music and with great reason. This is actually physically painful to listen to. I love it. The track was originally "Bicycle Built For Two" played on a calliope. If you listen to it, PLEASE comment.

-Two clips from Alucarda, a silly old satanic movie

-The Scream, which was from the first Rob Zombie Halloween.

-And a personal favorite, the audio for the Hindenburg Disaster. I clipped a part of this for a zombie newscast montage. Oh the humanity!

Various Haunt Clips
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