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I am not going to be making a haunted house for a while now so i'm going to be cleaning out my storage unit a bit to make some space. I have several items up for sale. Local sales would be best but i can arrange to ship some of the smaller items.

I am cleaning out my storage unit and have a Large DJ stereo I am looking to sell along with a few other items.

A stereo that is 2 Yamaha S15e Speakers, 2 stands, and a Samson TM500 powered Mixer. I will also include the cables needed to hook it all up.
The mixer has a few bent sliders and at least one dead input channel. It powers the speakers perfectly and their are plenty of inputs on it for your need. $250 Local only

some of the small items im selling I can give you more information on items if you are interested:
2 - 1500watt DMX Strobe lights. They will easily fill a large room with light. Both work perfectly. 125 for the pair,
1 - Rane 1U Mixer $50
1 - Bogen MT-250D - with transformers (great for setting up an entire house or similar with a pa type audio. ) $100
1 - Midi Keyboard with midi interface and midi sound kit $75
2 - Speakon cables 50' $30
4 - Alcorn mcbride Digital video players 100 for all 4, They all user standard 12 volt power supplies, and CF cards in PCmci card adapters.
2 - Alcorn Mcbride MP3 audio players. $50 each.
I also have 2 atmosfear fx dvd, phantasm and witching hour, 30 each.

I will list more as i find it. just message me for more information,.
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