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Hello Boils and Ghouls, and happy October 17th!!

In celebration the most wonderful month of the year, I'm very pleased to send you the latest updates on the global haunter project: "Drawn to the Dark!"

The first is that the latest written Haunter Education is now on the Monsters and Books website. This week, we'll giving a special acknowledgement to The New Orleans Ghost Hunters. This group is dedicating their efforts to teaching the public the true nature of the paranormal through investigations, seminars and even a weekly radio show here in New Orleans. Please check out all they're doing for the community below!

Secondly, I'm very happy to announce that the Ghost Hunters have invited me to be their "International Correspondent" for the duration of the Drawn to the Dark project. That means that for the next two years, you can tune in to their radio show, Paranormal Talk, from anywhere in the world and hear about the unknown and unexplained that's being researched for the project. If you'd like to listen to the latest Paranormal Talk that aired just last night on October 16, please check out the link below!

Finally, I'm pleased to announce that the infamous "Scary Jerry" of My Scary Halloween has cordially invited me to submit a Guest Post about Drawn to the Dark on his website. It went live just this morning, please check it out below!

There are exactly 2 weeks left until Halloween - and that means only 2 weeks left to be a MONSTER HERO and help support Drawn to the Dark! Please head to the Kickstarter page today - and share with friends!!!

Thank you all, my fellow Creatures of the Night!!
Chris Kullstroem
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