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Unimaginable Enthusuasim!

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Two women, and two boys were in front of my Haunt early tonight (still light out)
There seemed to be a "problem"....the two boys (12-13)..were afraid.
The two women are the Mother of the two boys and their Aunt.
It seemed as if a lot of fear was there just because the boys are very insecure and were actually afraid of making a small show of fear,then losing their manly reputation.
The Two women have been through my house before and yearned for a return engagement.
"We had So much Fun!"
Then I happened to mention that we had a call that a group of "Carnies" were coming to the house later tonight.
The two women reacted as if I had just told them that their favorite Rock Stars were going to be here!
"CARNIES! Oh How much FUN that would be! Maybe we (just the two women) could come back later and go through the house with them!"
(I knew the Carnies are fun and would be Fun, how or why these women thought this , I would like to know.)
I told the women how I get ad-libbing sometimes with certain groups and things get really going with one thing leading to another, a whole room gets laughing.
Then they told me "They Know".!!
I guess they were here without Parental supervision once themselves!
Then no return call from the woman arranging for the Carnie's visit, and no Carnies showed up??
We recently had a group of Carnies from South Africa-"Afrikaners".