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A couple years back, as part of a carnevil display, I made a skeleton riding a unicycle on the roof of my house. It was a Rube Goldberg-type setup that required constant tending because the skeleton would drift ever closer to the ends of the track at the ends of the roof.
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The biggest problem was the motorized spool I used to pull the skeleton back and forth on a hidden cart. Even though the type of line I was using didn't stretch, there was slippage on the spools. (I didn't use a motorized wheel on the cart because I thought the wheel would slip on the track.

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It has nagged at me since that there had to be a more reliable way to make the prop. In the past month I saw two things on the Internet that tempted me to create a proof-of-concept cart and track for when I next have a carnevil themed display (probably in 2023). One thing I saw was a man using timing belt to create gears, which I thought I could use to create non-slip contact between a motorized wheel and the track.

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The other thing I saw was someone using magnetic triggers with a controller. I realized I could use two magnetic triggers to initiate two sequences on my Frightprops Picovolt controller. Following is a video showing my proof-of-concept experiment on a short length of track. But first, in case you have no idea what I've been talking about, here's a link to the first unicycle skelly project. And this is the brief video of my current trial:


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I remember the original project and loved it then, so I'm excited to see it brought back in a new and improved version!

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I never saw your original prop thread鈥擨 would remember this!鈥攁nd absolutely loving it now. What a cool idea and love how you have worked through the challenges of the roof top concept. Really nice work and no doubt the neighborhood will delight in seeing the skeleton鈥檚 return performance.
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