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Under the Sea Pirate TV!

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I am doing Dead Pirates theme this year, and going on the idea that once again the UK weather will ruin any ideas of putting props outside, I was looking at the huge TV and stand in the living room and thinking...what I am going to do with that thing.....? Too big to start to moving, so had to bring it in as a prop. I had some brown parcel paper left over from another project, so decided to use it to disguise the TV and stand as part of a shipwreck. With the TV having surround sound, thought it was a shame not to make use of it, so I used some clips of waves, mermaids and creatures under the sea and put this on DVD with wave, creaking boat noises and the mermaid song from Pirates of the Caribbean, to look like you are looking through the hole in the wood. I think it looks quite good, I will be using some more bits and bobs on and around it, shells, seaweed, skull and rocks, but gives an idea of what it will be like on Halloween, going to put sand and seaweed along the bottom to hide the feet. Once the rest of the room is done, with the boat, pirates etc and I have one of the Daren Wave lights I think it will go well in the theme, instead of having to move the TV, and it was really quick to do . As usual, any ideas for improvement, always appreciated:D

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I think it looks great!!!! And once you get your lights turned down and your wave light on those feet will just disappear!!!! I can't believe it's just brown paper though....u did a great job. Love your barrel too....

I'm actually doing the same theme, I'm trying to make it look like we're underwater (got the wave light) and doing the seaweed, etc....

Can't wait to see more...
Thanks, I will post some more pics when it's all set up on Halloween. I am hoping the weather is ok, as I would like to do a walk through the yard before people come in. Even though we are in the UK, we have a tropical style garden, so would work well with the theme, was thinking I could do like beachy stuff outside with tiki torches etc and do the underwater theme indoors (still haven't worked out how I am getting the boat in yet.....): D

Have you got yours set up yet? Or do you just do Halloween itself also? I've seen some of the stuff you have already put on that's looking great so looking forward to seeing how it all looks together, you will have to post some more pics!:)
We aren't getting to do the yard (weather) or the ship (dang it)... but we are totally decorating the living room and kitchen to theme. My budget this year was $100 for decor and 3 costumes so we have made virtually everything. I've created everything from the crates to the flags. I took a few pics but they're so dark, I'll try and take some daytime photos once I get time (working on costumes today).

Oh and thank you for your compliments :)
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I have been the same, nil budget so made everything from cardboard, paper lots of glue and bargains at the pound store including boat! Hubby not very creative, so all falls to me! I think we have both done a great job!:D
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