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Undead Granny Issues

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When Spirit introduced this prop I immediately pre-ordered it. It is unique and the concept is clever. I love her movement being different from most props. However, there are a couple of negatives which ruins it. Any suggestions on how to resolve her issues are appreciated. I hate to send her back but may have to. Right now she is not useable for me.

The first problem is probably just poor packaging when boxing the item. The latex face was smashed in with the result of one eye being popped out, the other sunk in, the nose folded in on itself and the cheek just above the corner of the mouth is distorted. I can't figure out a way to reshape the face and get it to stay. Any thoughts or experience with re-shaping latex?

The mouth movement is barely noticeable and not even close to what is shown in the video.

And the third issue is she is very stooped over. It appears as if she is looking at, and talking to, the floor. Her face is pointing at the ground and with the severe stoop she is very unnatural when speaking with the direction/angle it places on her face direction. It just comes off as weird. It would be okay if she was talking to a two or three year old kid that was standing right at her feet but that's not exactly what I had in mind. I checked out the frame and the way it is welded I see no way to tweek it. In the video she does not appear to be talking to the floor.

Maybe the one I received is defective in more ways than one. I had high hopes for this prop and now am extremely disappointed. Any ideas on making her work would be great!
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I too pre-ordered the Undead Granny, back in August, with a ship date 'on or before Sept 30'. There was some confusion and we thought the order was cancelled in the middle of September. Then suddenly she shows up on Saturday. Sooooo weird, but I was thrilled to have her.

The face is a little smooshed... but nothing drastic. However, we both HATE that she is facing the floor. You cannot see the face. It is completely turned downward. I put her together, so of course, my husband assumed I assembled something wrong He took her apart and redid it, and it is the same. I understand they want her hunched over, but you cannot even see the face and mouth. It is a gruesomely good face too. Design flaw? I don't know, but we are not happy with that.

Her movement is cool. Her comments are perfect for our haunted hotel theme. So we will keep her.

The only other problem we had is that on the front of her throat and back of her neck, the velcro pads IMMEDIATELY came off her 'skin' and now the collar droops over the motion sensor. I hope to fix that with some hot glue. If I can't fix it, that will be a problem.

I'm sorry I have no solutions to your original post... I can only commiserate.
If you figure out how to get the ole gal to look up when she talks to us... we would love to know how. LOL :)
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I will be sending both of you private messages to address this issue.
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The only thing I could think of is using a heat gun on the latex while it is held in place in the proper shape.

A heat gun will also work on plastic parts. I got mine for around $10 at Harbor Freight.
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