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Ultra Cheap & Easy Unearthed Coffins

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This is my first post her so I hope I do it right. Being a DJ I recently noticed that my speaker boxes oddly resemble the shape or top of an old Toe pincher or coffin of some sort. So I decided to paint them with some wood grain effects and see what it would look like. Here are the pics.

Materials Used

Light Brown Latex Paint (1 Gallon Mistint from Walmart $7.00)
Dark Brown ( I used the Apple Barrel craft paint again from Walmart. It thins easily with water and sprays well through an air-brush.
Air-Brush (Central Pneumatic 15.00 Harbor Freight Tools)
Gravity Feed Spray Gun $15.00 Harbor Freight Tools)

I started by applying a basecoat of the Light Brown latex. It was somewhat opaque and covered the Peavey logo and shippin labels fairly easy. Then I went back with the Dark Brown in the air-brush and made thick dark lines to indicate individual wood boards. Next I moved the airbrush closer and made lots of thin striations which began to look like wood grain. I also made some little dots on the sides to indicate nail heads. Whole project thus far has taken about 30 minutes.

Stage 2 is to 1) Add Handles and decor 2) Cut loose boards and make openings in the front 3) add corpse that can be seen throgh rotted recesses from front and sides.

I will upload stage 2 as soon as I get to it.

Update August 4, 2009 - Stage 2&3 Complete! I ended up using 1/2" PVC as the coffin handles and small flat piece of cardboard as the mounting plate. All spray painted Silver. Then I constructed a corpse from the styro wig head I had been carving on. I detailed it with an air-brush. I may go back later and add latex and tissue but it looks pretty good as it is now. I used foam rubber for the arms and chest/torso and I incorporated my foam rubber soldering iron (see post "realistic ribs in 15 mintutes" rib cage technique. After everything was constructed I shot it with some cobwebs from my Webcaster. Here are the pics let me know what you all think.


Any ideas on a cheap easy way to make the handles feel free to let me know!

Happy Haunting!

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