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Okay, I've been surfing around trying to get an idea of how a decent workshop should be set up. There are endless sites that list what you need for a woodworking shop but zip, zero, nada for a workshop that we'd all enjoy: a Prop Builder's Workshop. So, to selfishly help myself :p, I set up this thread so we can collect ideas of what equipment, set-up or just about anything that would be required in the prop builder's ultimate workshop.

So, to start this off. This is the basics list I've pulled together so far:

Spray painting area
Upright lumber storage
Sawhorses for the ripping of lumber
Assembly table
Miter saw
Band saw
Sanding station
Utility sink
Dust control system
Exhaust fan for window
Slat wall system and some peg board walls
Storage shelving

Hand tools:

Cordless drill
Jig saw
Cordless circular saw
Glue gun

I know I missing loads of key ingredients. Please help me :eek:

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Whole bunch more

Drill press

I have.

Chop saw.
Table saw
Jig Saw
Arc Welder. Wish it were a Mig or Tig
Butane torch. Big and small.
Various soldering units.
Various hand tools. Cordless and not.
Portable tool box.

And no more room in my garage for the first three things I really want.

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I've been trying to talk my wife into a plasma cutter....very cool....As it is now I have NO room left in the garage. Hmmmmmm maybe I talk her into letting me take over the living room for a workspace. heheheHAHAHAHA...that one even made me laugh

Going bump in the night..
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Air compressor
Airbrush for details
Sprayer for larger work

Wire - lots and lots of wire
(baling wire as well as electrical of many guages)

Clamps - bar clamps, C-clamps, spring clamps, as well as at least one large bench clamp
...and a vice.

Lots of flavors of adhesive...all the way from light spray adhesive to JB Weld

Plenty of LED's...and resistors...and batteries!!

Crates of disposable rubber glove.

Stepstool, ladder, and a low scaffolding (to walk back and forth while working on the taller stuff) - if you're under 6 1/2 feet tall, that is.

Did I mention batteries??

A camera - all too often I forget to take pictures of projects part way through...and then wish I had.
Need a camera that stays in the workshop, and is easy to grab.

Plenty of ceiling mounted hooks...strong ones. I suppose you could even hang a prop from one of them.

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If i can find my workshop, I'd take a picture of it..!!

Those of you that already have a workshop, could you post pictures of it? That would really help to see how it's set-up.
Terra, I think we all would take pics of our workshop if we can find it under all of our projects that are covering it up..LOL.. :D Also don't forget a coffee maker (yeah i know lazy);), Heat gun, small bins for small parts & etc.. most of the times you can find file cabinets companys throw out they make great storage drawers for stuff. an older computer to browse HALLOWEEN FORUM..!! while waiting for those adhesives to dry..LOL... how about a cone of silence when we mess up projects and have to redo them and yell SON OF &^%$#$ ..LOL.. Cone of silence= get smart show/movie.. in case no one got that..LOL..

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What can't you do with a lathe and a mill !

Take a look at this articulated neck.

It was done by one of the members in the effects lab.

Torch is for soldering and or brazing.

Compressor for pneumatics and tools like a hand grinder. Oh! and keeping the right pressure in my tires. Thx OBAMA LOL!!!

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The most appreciated features in my studio are:

storage...lots of storage
utility sink
ventilation system
heavy duty vacuum system
carpeted area for non messy projects
concrete floor area for messy projects
things that make me smile
a clock to ignore
a phone to ignore (if you want)
a door to close the world out (if you want)
a television to occupy my husband (can't close him out)
his and her work areas (saves your marriage)
curtains to hide the mess (in his storage area - wink)
a laundry basket that my dog insists on sleeping in
long counters that are stain resistant
counters you can mess up
clamps (lots), adjustable vice, a Dremel, Dremel drill press, miter box, heated foam cutter

Here is a link to some pictures of my workshop.

madameturlock/Studio B - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There are two storage areas with shelves (his and hers areas), a large cabinet, and a lot of labeled drawers so I can find things. We installed the vent fan for a paint area and the utility sink this fall. They are a fabulous features.

My shop is in the basement so we left an area of flooring that is concrete...for messy projects. I'm fortunate to have a large indoor area. If we didn't enjoy our hobbies so much we would probably move into a Condo and simplify our life.
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