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UK SELLER selling various props and goodies

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ok so these are all up in the lofy at the moment i am not able to go up physically (personal reasons) and photo these but i have included youtube videos and weblinks to everything

some of the packing boxes maybe a bit tatty but at last check (just before halloween all props are in full working order and in as new conditon

once i am back on my feet (next few days the good lord willing) i will double check everything and list any additional items that are included

looking for £220 for the whole lot collected from nottingham or delivery/courier could be arranged at additional cost

dont want to part it out its a complete deal

please note these are NOT my videos

so here we go

wanda witch very large witch and i would argue one of asda finest props ever to be sold here in the uk


Grandin road Banjo Skeletons pretty cool banjo boys have a sound clash duel

Harvester of souls can be staked in the ground or hung also accepts a pressure pad or motion activated very spooky

Spirit Jumping spider damn this think made people scream might have been the angle i seen it last at but i think only one of the eyes lit up but never the less this will have your guest jumping with fear works on motion sensor but best enjoyed with a footpad i will supply a footpad with this

Fire and ice spotlights x2 Never seen these in uk before but here we have 2 of them they do have american plugs and i will supply the relevant adaptors we had these running all night with no issues at all

Laservortex again you would be pretty much the only person who would have one of these it generally only works in conjunction with a smoke machine/fogger as the smoke creates the vortex other thing to bear in mind 5 minute run time with a cool off period we used this plugged into a remote controlled plug to allow us to switch off and on from a distance

8ft led spider from gemmy he is big and his legs and eyes light up green comes with 2pin 110v american plug adaptor supplied

Hedgerow peepers x2 sets now these are cool hide them in your hedge and plug them in and let the creepy eyes flash and scare your guests as the walk past your hedge these are supplied with an american plug adaptor provided

NECVT590 projector 2000 lumens we bough this 3 years ago and it had a new bulb fitted when we bought it it has only used 2% of bulb life (approx 6 hours per year x3)

atmosfearfx phantasms dvd probably one of the best you can get in my opinion

halloween spooky clock my wife thought this was the best thing ever when grandin road started doing them a few years ago but at £80 it was very expensive bugger me this year wilkos was selling them for £40 this so we bought one identical to grandin road

as i stated earlier due to ill health i am not able to list everything but there is a few more items in the loft which will be included in the deal for no extra

also check back soon for a full spooky town village setup for sale

any questions please please PM
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Thats a great bunch of props. I'm sure they'll go to a great home. I'd be tempted if I didn't have a list of other expensive bills over the next few months. Didn't 't realise you're from notts too JoanneB

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YES we have a nice core of U.K. Haunters now and we can collectively really try to help any other new members who might be lurking and on the edge of joining , the more U.K. members who join , hell european in fact will just help the forum get more established this side of the pond , and the forum and all those in it have such vast experiance and knowledge it really deserves to be shared , i am sure our cousins across the pond would agree , and it also would provide a melting pot of different styles of build and prop making which can only be good for the whole Halloween forum community , onwards and upwards , what you say malcolm baby ...... lol

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