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UK Home Made Dark Ride

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At this stage, these ideas are only proposed, however I do want to make them a reality at some point.

Hello all,

As you can probably tell from the title, I am planning on creating a homemade dark ride here in the UK! This will probably come into development at some point around may/ june time. You can see how the track & other technical specifications function here;


I have used many different ideas from a number of previous home dark ride creators to inspire my own, so for that I thank them. Some of them are listed below;

Don O'Neil
Mystic Motel
The Sedgewick Hotel

I welcome ideas and feedback for support! Thanks for reading. (My first post!)

More updates to come as the project progresses.
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Hi there! Did you mean to link the track and technical specs? I'm not seeing them here so I wanted to let you know and say hello!
Hey, thanks for your interest in the project! I've edited the post so the links are also available. The imgur link will be updated with different pictures & specs as the project progresses, but at this point it's only early concepts I'm afraid!
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