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UK Home Made Dark Ride

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At this stage, these ideas are only proposed, however I do want to make them a reality at some point.

Hello all,

As you can probably tell from the title, I am planning on creating a homemade dark ride here in the UK! This will probably come into development at some point around may/ june time. You can see how the track & other technical specifications function here;


I have used many different ideas from a number of previous home dark ride creators to inspire my own, so for that I thank them. Some of them are listed below;

Don O'Neil
Mystic Motel
The Sedgewick Hotel

I welcome ideas and feedback for support! Thanks for reading. (My first post!)

More updates to come as the project progresses.
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Hi there! Did you mean to link the track and technical specs? I'm not seeing them here so I wanted to let you know and say hello!
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