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Hi Everyone!

We all had so much fun last year with Secret Reaper in the UK - even though we organised it quite late :)
So this year we should start early! Please see below for rules:

Sign-up round 1: 12th Feb - 12th March 2016.

1. The value of the gift must be £10/€13 (give or take a pound/euro or so).
2. The gift can be homemade, store bought, or a combination of both.
3. The gift must be Halloween related, depending on your victim's like/dislikes.
4. You MUST get proof of posting/shipping or a tracking number.
5. You MUST PM BeckyMurphy when you post your gift, along with your tracking number.
6. Reply to this thread as soon as you receive your gift so your Reaper can see it has arrived safe.

If you are happy with the above rules, please PM BeckyMurphy with the following information:

1. Name & Address.
2. Likes, dislikes, themes (if you have one), and any other information you feel might help your Reaper/Victim (e.g. indoor/outdoor props, tableware, party accessories etc.)
3. Posting/Shipping preferences: All UK & EU, only UK, only EU etc.

Most importantly! Have fun!
We're starting early this year to make sure we give everyone possible the chance to sign up. This notice is for Round 1 of sign up.
If you have friends/family/colleagues who want to sign up, all are welcome!

Becky :)

p.s. alternatively, you can contact me via [email protected] !

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I'm not sure this ever went any farther than the initial post. I could be wrong but I don't know if anyone signed up?
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