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Almost 30 years ago, i spent a great deal of time researching then building my life-sized Pterodactyl skeleton which has hung on the exterior of my house ever since. 9 1/2 feet tall with a 23 foot wing span, made from sheet metal copper tubing, pvc, steel rods and Bondo .
In the Summer birds nest inside of it's head.
The first Pterodactyl skeleton was discovered in Kansas in 1870 by O.C. Marsh and a guy named "Buffalo Bill".
As far as I could determine, my house's construction was started in 1865 and was done by 1870.
The Pterodactyl is "The Raven" of the Ravens Grin Inn.
I spend So Many Hours every Summer trimming the massive vines on the house just so people passing by can see the Dino-Bird.
I think there is a picture of it on our website:wwwhauntedravensgrin.com
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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