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Twin Oaks Manor Walk thru!

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this is a short time lapse of the yard haunt being built and a walk thru video that our daughter put together for us. enjoy.

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All I kept saying as I watched the video was>>>"Look at that....oh look at that!!" I absolutely loved it! There so much stuff to see! You are so very lucky to have people that want to help you. I saw things in there I never would have thought of and the way you pulled all that together was truly genius. Hats off to you two for a job well done and a tremendous amount of work.

I'm gonna carry your video on me so that when people ask me....so Muffy what kind of potential do you think you have with that enormous property of yours to make halloween bigger, I'm gonna whup out Twin Oaks Manor's video and say>>>>>here's my Mentors!!
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