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TV strobe light

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I was at Party City last week and where they have the sound track CD's up at the front they also have some DVD's. WEll one of the DVD's was "turn your tv into a strobe light" disc. I was wondering if any of you guys have used anything like this before because if it works well it night be a really cheap isea to get a BIG strobe light. I'm guessing the screen flashes white?
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I got one of the 750W strobes and it is blinding! Which is great if that's what you're going for. it's much simpler to mount than a TV too...

I agree with pheonix and evilbob.

I don want to buzz kill someones idea, and maybe with the right application this would be cool....but after using the 750 watt DMX strobe last year even those regular halloween stobes are no match for this unit. This was by far the best addition to my haunt last year. The lighning effect was so bright it was drawing people down the street to my haunt. I used VSA, loaded my lightning audio track, ran wavemotion analysis, and had this bad boy sync'ed up in no time!!!

For those people looking for that great movie Lightning effect you won't be disappointed with the dmx 750 watt strobe....you can even control the intensity on one VSA channels.
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