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Here's how to transform the "Haunted Hedge" prop you can buy at the store (that thing that makes a hedge shake, moan and has lighted eyes) into a real killer.

a YouTube link (Killer Xmas Tree) in action:

By the way, I want to thank Voodoo Willy for his idea of 'tentacle teeth.'

After a few days I won't be able to edit this posting so please go to the albums at my profile page for any updates or lessons learned: Halloween Forum - Terra's Album: Tutorial: Killer Tree or Hedge

You will be making three killer 'flowers' for your tree or hedge. Supplies you will need:

Haunted Hedge prop (I got mine at Spirit)
3 silk greenery bunches (pick something that somewhat resembles the tree or hedge you are making into a killer)
Small bubbles bubble wrap
Glue stick
1/4 package of Model Magic
Some twist ties
Green pipe cleaners
Jute string or thin rope
Paintable white latex caulk
Acrylic paints & brush
Tree or hedge to make into a killer (fake or real)

Cut out three sets of circles out of the bubble wrap: 12", 9", 7", 5 1/2", and 3".

On the 12" and 9" circles, take a small amount of the edge, fold back and glue to hold. This will give the two outside circles a more organic and thicker appearance. Just like older leaves would naturally get.

Then, starting from the center of each circle, 'pop' the bubbles until you get nearer the edge. For the larger circles you can leave more of the bubbles intact and for the smaller ones pop more. Again, this helps give it an organic look by having the inner, younger 'leaves' less developed. Plus, the popped bubbles will help compact the leaves in the center when you put it all together.

Next, coat all the circles on one side with paintable latex (white). Let dry overnight. Flip over and coat the other side. This coating gives the bubble wrap a pliable, rubbery, more life-like appearance. Plus, it is now paintable. Let dry overnight again.

Paint the circles with a good matching water-thinned (to add translucency) paint to your silk greenery bunches. Do both sides.

Then paint a second color that would help the 'flower' stand out from the rest of the tree or hedge. I liked Yellow Oxide for mine (there was little yellow streaks in the silk greenery I bought).

Cut pipe cleaners and twist ties in graduating lengths to the sizes of circles. You will be doing three sets of these:

3" circle: three 2" twist ties
5 1/2" circle: five 3" twist ties
6" circle: six 4" pipe cleaners
9" circle: six 5" pipe cleaners
12" circle: eight 6" pipe cleaners

Then using graduated amounts of model magic, roll onto twist ties/ pipe cleaners until they resemble tentacle-like teeth. Then put a bend in it and let dry overnight. Remember, you are doing three sets of these teeth.

By the way, the reason I picked twist ties and pipe cleaners is because this allows the Model Magic to grab onto something. If it was bare wire, it would be more difficult. The twist ties are used because the pipe cleaners are too big for the smaller teeth.

Next, on the back side of the large circle, decide where the teeth will be put on the circle. Poke two holes and pull the teeth through. Repeat for the other circles. Flip back over and bend the teeth until they look sinister....

Take a long length of jute rope and make enough knots so there is a good ball of them. Poke a hole in the small circle and pull string through. Do this through the subsequent circles until you reach the last one. Turn over and knot again. Do not cut off the extra string, you will use that in another step.

Arrange and bend teeth as necessary to get a realistic killer 'flower.'

Open up your silk greenery bunch and squish down if necessary to give enough room for the flower.

Nestle the flower in and tie to the silk greenery using the tail end of the string used to assemble the flower.

Take the "Haunted Hedge" out of the box and lay out on your table. You will see that it comes with a vibrating motor, three lighted eyes and 12 black wires. On the motor you will see that it has three places to attach 3 of the wires. This is where you will be connecting your flowers. Attach three of the wires now to the motor.

Take off the lighted eyes and remove the eye covers. The covers dim the LEDS too much. DO NOT UNHOOK EACH LIGHT FROM THE STRING! Just unhook at the main connection. I unhooked all the lights and unfortunately learned they they need to be in a specific sequence or they will not work. Anyways, set the lights and the motor off to the side for now.

On one flower, pick three teeth opposite each other on the largest circle to attach three of the black wires to. Attach the wires to the end of each teeth's pipe cleaner. Then join the three ends of the black wires together. This is where you will be attaching the motor's wire to. Do the same for the other two flowers.

Now, stick the three flowers into the tree/hedge. Place the motor into the center of the tree/hedge. Attach one of the motor's wire to each flower at the place where the flower's three wires were joined together previously. Make sure the motor wires are taut so you get good movement. Do the same for the other two flowers.

Position the LED lights above the flowers so they cast good light on them and reconnect to the motor. Turn it on and enjoy! It's sound activated.
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