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Turning a cubicle into a padded cell (ironic I know) for Asylum theme

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Hello everybody and Happy October

First time poster here but I have been a member for years. So please go easy on me if I make a mistake here. Before I posted this for help I did search the forum and even google and wasn't able to find much.

Here is what I am trying to do........I have an Asylum theme at work for a Halloween contest that I am basically in charge of and I have just about everything planned except the cubicles in our area. I would like to turn them into some kind of padded cell with or without bars but cannot seem to figure out what would be the easiest way to do this without damaging the cubicles. It wouldn't have to look porofessional just somewhat close to a padded wall. Does anybody have any ideas or knowledge they could impart please? I would greatly appreciate any input from the experts here

Thank you
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