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Turned semi-pro this year.

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This year was the first that we ventured outside of our own haunt, and into community haunting.

We approached out local councilor with the idea of putting on a community Halloween festival. He thought it would be a great idea, and forwarded us to our local business council who look after organizing and funding community events. We pitched the idea in late August, and wasn't approved till late Sept. On a shoestring budget, we got it done.

By no means can I take credit for the planning of the festival, That was our amazing community events and promotions manager. My wife and I were responsible for all the decorations for the square and the haunted walk through. As I mentioned there was a very limited budget for decorations, but we managed to make a 30 ft walk through haunt geared to younger TOT's (nothing too scary). We also had mask making, pumpkin carving a costume contest as well as treats and hot chocolate.

Given how quick this event was planned. We had over 200 people come out in the cold mist to enjoy the festival. The festival wasn't even over and we are already planning for next year.
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