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It's hard for me to get into it anymore as well. Our TOT is on the saturday before halloween, from 5-7 when it's light out the entire time. Attendance is low for a big city because no one decorates anymore, nor comes because of the time they hold it. I get a lot of little kids who are too little to appreciate the decorations and not many of the older kids who my haunt is more geared towards. On top of that about half the time it rains or snows and no one comes at all.

On a good ToT I still get about 100 kids though, and i've got bigger hopes this year because halloween is on a saturday, so ToT is also. I'm thinking of staying open past ToT when it gets dark, and maybe posting a few flyers in the neighborhood if i can get a good enough haunt together (thinking of enclosing the porch in black plastic to give a dark area).

Keep your head in the game- you'll be bummed if you don't do it!
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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