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Trying hard to get in the mood...

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It has been a TOUGH couple years...

Started a new job last spring that took me away from my family (and brand new baby boy) for 4 months, and we lived in temporary housing until the week of Halloween... then we moved into a rental house, so we only put out a couple things. First time in 6 years we didn't have our big annual bash, too.

This year, we are still in the rental house and our old house has yet to sell some 16 months later. It has been hard to get into the spirit. Normally I would have been working on a new project and prepping hard in the garage by now. I have yet to do one thing. A few months ago, I went thru my stuff with great intentions but never followed thru.

I haven't even had the stomach to shop around and see what's out there... normally I'm prowling around looking for the first sightings and stalking websites for new releases!

I need some inspiration! Anybody struggling with motivation? I've been wanting to plan our party, but in a new town I'm not sure what type of turnout we'd get, and it would be mostly work associates...
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I think the Halloween spirit wanes in all of us from time to time. And it upsets us because the spirit is what we are really addicted to in the first place. The feeling we get from some particular sight/sound/smell that reminds us of Halloween and of happy memories. But life isn't always happy and sometimes the harder you try to get in the Halloween spirit the farther away it feels. Maybe August is not the right month for you to get started on something. Maybe you need the first crisp evening of fall to really get you in the mood. Or some really awesome prop to get your haunting juices flowing. Whatever it is I believe it will work better if you relax and don't put so much pressure on yourself to get everything just right.

I have been there before too. One year I was having so much trouble with getting in the mood it was depressing. I wanted to be enjoying this Halloween thing that I love but I just couldn't. Then one day I was going to walk to the mailbox and when I went outside it hit me. It was unseasonably cool and the air just smelled like Halloween. About that time, a crow started calling from a tree nearby. That was it. I was good again because it gave me that feeling, the Halloween spirit.

As far as your party I have a trick I use to help me get through mine. Which has been great at times and disappointing at other times. I always have my party on the Sat. before Halloween. And I promise myself that if I don't have a good time or if for any reason it does not go the way I want it to, then I will get my family and we will spend the days before Halloween haunted house hopping. I seem to enjoy my own party and haunt more because I know that whatever bad thing that might happen will be trumped by something guaranteed to invoke the Halloween spirit. And I won't have to do anything but show up.

But anyway it is still summer. Give yourself a little time. The Halloween spirit WILL come back. It ALWAYS comes back.
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