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I believe its hard these days for a lot of us especially with all that is going on with the economy & people losing their jobs and homes. Its really a stressful time so its hard to conjure up those "Happy Halloween Feelings".

I know how I am when things are just going wrong & I can't fix them. Closer to home for me has been my health problems & the fact that we can't seem to get a handle on this chronic pain situation. It has resulted in me turning into a miserable hag that just cannot get into the mood for anything. I know a couple of years ago I was not going to put my haunt up because I physically could not get the work done. Couldn't even get on a ladder. But 4-5 days before Halloween it hit me......how could I possibly go thru halloween w/o the decorating. So many kids and families look forward to what I do and they count on my place being the highlight of their halloween season. So like fools we put everything up in 5 days. What a feascal that was.

Thing is Wil, think of the good things, your son, your wife, you have a job, gonna make new friends which means you get to show these folks how someone from the "Halloween Forum" group does things. Don't stress about folks not coming cause even if a few come they will talk & next year there will be more. The house will sell & breaking even on it is very disappointing but things happen & sometimes we have no control over them. I believe as we age we master the art of learning about disappointment & moving on.

Try to relieve some of this stress & replace it with what you enjoy which is Halloween. Sometimes the way I feel I hate putting all this stuff up for xmas & Halloween and its funny because I use to enjoy this so very much but now things are different & its very hard to get it all done BUT ON THE OTHER HAND.........its better than having Halloween Day come and have me sitting here explaining to 250 kids why I did not decorate this year!!lol

Hang in there my friend and know we all understand where you are coming from.

the Muffster
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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