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I can definitly relate, same deal for me, home equity line falling value. Tried to sell for a long time but got to a point where I either had to rent it or let the bank have it. So as much as I did not want to I became a landlord. Plus I was so excited this year that I was getting lined up to have my first pro haunt but between the charity dropping the ball and the fire inspector making things impossible thats not happening either. I moved from a large house and yard to a small trailer park just before halloween last year so cant do anything here.
And work has sucked this year as well. But I still have my spirit, and big dreams and ideas for the future. Keep your head up there are many of us in the same boat but there will be many great halloweens to come.

Eventually the house will sell, but right now we are priced at our break even point. Ugh.

We were one of those stupid people who had a home equity line and then saw our house value drop by around $60k.

I did go to Netherworld here in ATL last year via a group event here. Only 3 of us showed up, though! Maybe this year will be nicer.

We set up Hallowindow and some black light ghouls in all the windows and got tons of comments on it... if they only knew. HA. I pulled out the pneumatic stuff but since I didn't have time to test it and tweak it, I just canned it for 2008.

Just watched a Home Improvement HW episode... so I'm getting a little more stoked!
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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