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Trying hard to get in the mood...

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It has been a TOUGH couple years...

Started a new job last spring that took me away from my family (and brand new baby boy) for 4 months, and we lived in temporary housing until the week of Halloween... then we moved into a rental house, so we only put out a couple things. First time in 6 years we didn't have our big annual bash, too.

This year, we are still in the rental house and our old house has yet to sell some 16 months later. It has been hard to get into the spirit. Normally I would have been working on a new project and prepping hard in the garage by now. I have yet to do one thing. A few months ago, I went thru my stuff with great intentions but never followed thru.

I haven't even had the stomach to shop around and see what's out there... normally I'm prowling around looking for the first sightings and stalking websites for new releases!

I need some inspiration! Anybody struggling with motivation? I've been wanting to plan our party, but in a new town I'm not sure what type of turnout we'd get, and it would be mostly work associates...
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Last year I was laid off from a job that I did for 6 1/2 yrs on 7/28/08.
Got the double whammy of it also being our wedding anniversary. For two months I worked temp while looking for a full-time job. I was so depressed & it sucked all the creativity out of me. Hadn't even entertained the thought of doing our annual Halloween party & Haunted maze. My main haunt builder relocated from MN to Oregon also. It wasn't without much encouragement, that I did start planning out the Halloween party & maze. It was really a different experience trying to put the maze together without my main helper. Normally I would have all sorts of prop & scene concepts for it. But, I was a blank page for creativity. Ended up buying more props vs making them. Did make it all work but, it wasn't the same as previous years. When the party was over, I was so glad that I forced myself to do it. With this new job I'm making $3 less an hour, which really hurts. So far this year I've only worked on a couple of haunt projects. With money being tighter it's harder to justify the spending on something I wouldn't give a thought of before.

My suggestion to you is.....
still have a Halloween party but, to scale it down. That way you can still enjoy things but, it won't break the bank.

How about hosting a classic monster movie screening?
Anyone could do this & maybe take turns doing it at other people's houses. If you have a digital projector, dvd player, & sound system, could stage it outside in the back yard. Have everyone bring a lawn chair & their favorite consessions to share.
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