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Trying hard to get in the mood...

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It has been a TOUGH couple years...

Started a new job last spring that took me away from my family (and brand new baby boy) for 4 months, and we lived in temporary housing until the week of Halloween... then we moved into a rental house, so we only put out a couple things. First time in 6 years we didn't have our big annual bash, too.

This year, we are still in the rental house and our old house has yet to sell some 16 months later. It has been hard to get into the spirit. Normally I would have been working on a new project and prepping hard in the garage by now. I have yet to do one thing. A few months ago, I went thru my stuff with great intentions but never followed thru.

I haven't even had the stomach to shop around and see what's out there... normally I'm prowling around looking for the first sightings and stalking websites for new releases!

I need some inspiration! Anybody struggling with motivation? I've been wanting to plan our party, but in a new town I'm not sure what type of turnout we'd get, and it would be mostly work associates...
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Well, wil, you might want to start looking at this as a "New Beginning". Once the house sells, you'll most likely get another in the general vicinity of where you are now. The visitors you get this year will, if suitably impressed, will follow you to the new place next year...
Don't let it get you down.
I'd say just go to the store and browse in the Halloween aisle..... the magic will return, have faith!
I say Party ON!!.. Make some cool invites ..invite the neibors as a get to know each other!.. We invite the block all ages are welcome .. we also invite the co workers and have even invited some of the spirit workers that we have gotten to know over the years.. have been asked more than once if they can bring a friend .. We say bring them on over.. costumes a must and also make it a potluck ..Have realy gotten to know those who live around me better and when we get to loud ....well not much of a problem when the whole block is at my house ..!
I advise you not splurge on anything until you know for sure what you want to be doing this year. You obvioulsy know your work associates better than we do, if you don't believe there would be much of a turn out, perhaps it's not worth persuing this year. I blew a bunch of money on a party one year that never happened due to too many schedule conflicts. Weigh the pros and cons, if you do decide to throw a party the best inspiration comes from selecting a theme, and we have no shortage of theme ideas on this forum lol.
Hope that helps some!
Co-workers are all pretty cool (well, mostly) and would at least act like they would come. I get the vibe there would be a lot of last-minute de-comits as schedules change.

Our neighbor are awesome. They invited us to a huge block party last year on HW night, among other things. I can see them coming to a party, but they also all have lots of kids... which makes scheduling tough, as they pretty much seem to use the same sitters.

My invites are ALWAYS awesome. ;-) In the past, we have done a mix of email and mailed postcards very professionally designed by MOI.

Will start putting together some guest lists and see if I can get a vibe from them during conversations at work. (I did win $50 in the work deco contest last year...so they know I'm into it.)
Don't fret over the house not selling, things are looking up and it is just a matter of time before yours will to. We had three houses up for sale on our street for 16 months, then last month they all sold, one right after another.

Beyond that, the best advice I can give is to keep coming back here and seeing the cool stuff that people post. It keeps me motivated! Hoping to show off my latest creation in the next week!
I've been beyond rut....Things were so bad last winter with things happening in my life for a few years that was beyond my control that I went a little nuts to the point I BURNED many props and the facade over a few days time and felt things couldn't possibly be worse....Things get pretty bad when you get to that point and I still get down or down right angry sometimes because of the circumstances but the one thing I think I'm learning out of many from that experience is THE SITUATION DOESN'T LAST FOREVER...That's what you should take from this....I know what it feels like, like it's not going to change back for sure....If you don't have a party or decorate this year...I'd HIGHLY suggest making a date to go to the local haunted house or maybe a ghost tour...Or better yet both...It gives you something to look forward to and it gives you a way to celebrate the holiday so it doesn't feel like you missed out all together....ZR
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Eventually the house will sell, but right now we are priced at our break even point. Ugh.

We were one of those stupid people who had a home equity line and then saw our house value drop by around $60k.

I did go to Netherworld here in ATL last year via a group event here. Only 3 of us showed up, though! Maybe this year will be nicer.

We set up Hallowindow and some black light ghouls in all the windows and got tons of comments on it... if they only knew. HA. I pulled out the pneumatic stuff but since I didn't have time to test it and tweak it, I just canned it for 2008.

Just watched a Home Improvement HW episode... so I'm getting a little more stoked!
I totally understand lack of motivation!
My youngest son graduated this year, thus ending my 17 year career as a full-time school volunteer, so now I have all the time in the world! Cool, right? Well, it has been a crappy year for us on all sorts of levels, and I have gone into "crawl in a hole and stay there" mode.
Not much happening in the ol' project room, even though I had great intentions.
I get where you're coming from, believe me.
This rut your feel, I was there last year. My Mom who was my biggest supporter & best friend passed away. I lost a huge peice of me when she died. I didn't build one thing, and I almost didn't put anything out, if she wasn't here to enjoy it. But after a couple of weeks went by in October I had to put everything out. I'm glad I did, it made me feel a lot better. This year is tough too, I'm on maternity leave and my husband lost his job. We don't have very much money, and I want to buy everything, but I can't. I'm still trying to make the best of it by building my props. It is keeping me sane, and I can't wait till October. Don't worry it will get better.
I too can relate. Five years ago we moved to a new state, new house and this all happened in October. I had to really train myself to not let all of the boxes bother me and get out the decorations. Worrying can become so consuming that little pleasures like decorating seemed to be almost foreign. AS I opened my decoration boxes, relief poured over me. It is truly amazing what a little black and orange and smells of pumpkin candles can do to my mood. Have fun!
Sounds like you need a party!

Everyone has stress in their lives. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. People can help relieve stress, but they can also cause it. (excuse the simple philosophy) You don't want to waste this short life, or a Halloween that lands on a Saturday, just waiting for things to fall into place. You know: lemons to lemonade.

For me, Halloween is my hobby. It's a way for me to disappear from the everyday stresses of a job and being a parent (4 daughters = stress).

I had fun at college and threw some nice Halloween costume parties. After college, when I wasn't handed my dream job and had to go back to working in a warehouse, I was depressed and stressed. All those big questions, "why did I go to colllege if I'm just going to end up driving a forklift." "Does my job matter?", "Does my life matter?", etc. Basically, I was alone and depressed and didn't know what my future held.

Throwing a Halloween party that year was the smartest thing I did. I only had a few friends over, but we had a lot of fun. A lot of fun! And my future wife (she was just a friend-of-a-friend back then) was dressed as a very, very sexy witch. :eek:

That made my whole year!!!!!!

Did I say she was a "sexy" witch? Come to think of it, that's probably why I ended up marrying her! :eek:
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Try eating oysters, it always gets me in the mood.
I'm not sure what part of the country you're in, but I've been hearing that home sales are starting to get out of the rut and moving a little. Here's hoping your old house sells soon!

My father-in-law died early October in 2007, and for a while there, we both didn't feel like doing anything. Sucked all the fun right out of the month. We rallied right before Halloween, and ended up having both a party and setting up our display and it was lots of fun.

Most of our friends (the good/crazy ones) were met at work.

I'm so sorry you've had a stressful year, and really hope it gets better for you. I've found that tinkering with the Halloween stuff actually makes me feel better since it's my hobby, so I'd recommend maybe do a little looking around and find even one project that you can work on for this year - it 's both stress relief and will probably get you in the mood too. :)

That, and do go to the stores in your area with the Halloween stuff out... should work for most of us Halloween nuts to be a mood lifter. :D
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I believe its hard these days for a lot of us especially with all that is going on with the economy & people losing their jobs and homes. Its really a stressful time so its hard to conjure up those "Happy Halloween Feelings".

I know how I am when things are just going wrong & I can't fix them. Closer to home for me has been my health problems & the fact that we can't seem to get a handle on this chronic pain situation. It has resulted in me turning into a miserable hag that just cannot get into the mood for anything. I know a couple of years ago I was not going to put my haunt up because I physically could not get the work done. Couldn't even get on a ladder. But 4-5 days before Halloween it hit me......how could I possibly go thru halloween w/o the decorating. So many kids and families look forward to what I do and they count on my place being the highlight of their halloween season. So like fools we put everything up in 5 days. What a feascal that was.

Thing is Wil, think of the good things, your son, your wife, you have a job, gonna make new friends which means you get to show these folks how someone from the "Halloween Forum" group does things. Don't stress about folks not coming cause even if a few come they will talk & next year there will be more. The house will sell & breaking even on it is very disappointing but things happen & sometimes we have no control over them. I believe as we age we master the art of learning about disappointment & moving on.

Try to relieve some of this stress & replace it with what you enjoy which is Halloween. Sometimes the way I feel I hate putting all this stuff up for xmas & Halloween and its funny because I use to enjoy this so very much but now things are different & its very hard to get it all done BUT ON THE OTHER HAND.........its better than having Halloween Day come and have me sitting here explaining to 250 kids why I did not decorate this year!!lol

Hang in there my friend and know we all understand where you are coming from.

the Muffster
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It's hard for me to get into it anymore as well. Our TOT is on the saturday before halloween, from 5-7 when it's light out the entire time. Attendance is low for a big city because no one decorates anymore, nor comes because of the time they hold it. I get a lot of little kids who are too little to appreciate the decorations and not many of the older kids who my haunt is more geared towards. On top of that about half the time it rains or snows and no one comes at all.

On a good ToT I still get about 100 kids though, and i've got bigger hopes this year because halloween is on a saturday, so ToT is also. I'm thinking of staying open past ToT when it gets dark, and maybe posting a few flyers in the neighborhood if i can get a good enough haunt together (thinking of enclosing the porch in black plastic to give a dark area).

Keep your head in the game- you'll be bummed if you don't do it!
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I think this house would set up nicely... but we don't have a huge porch outside to set up our tunnel of terror. Maybe it's time for a garage walk thru?

Honestly, our thing has always been a huge party and TOTers second, mainly due to where we lived. Our current house is in a primo TOT location...

Some of you are newer to the forum than my last posting spree... but we do a graveyard setup with lots of mood lighting (HHIAB...no debates), and several pneumatic props. The bulk of our work is inside. We HW up EVERYTHING. No picture goes un-replaced. No toilet paper roll goes un-pranked. You get the jist.

Maybe when it cools off to less than the surface of the sun, I'll spend a weekend in the garage.
I can definitly relate, same deal for me, home equity line falling value. Tried to sell for a long time but got to a point where I either had to rent it or let the bank have it. So as much as I did not want to I became a landlord. Plus I was so excited this year that I was getting lined up to have my first pro haunt but between the charity dropping the ball and the fire inspector making things impossible thats not happening either. I moved from a large house and yard to a small trailer park just before halloween last year so cant do anything here.
And work has sucked this year as well. But I still have my spirit, and big dreams and ideas for the future. Keep your head up there are many of us in the same boat but there will be many great halloweens to come.

Eventually the house will sell, but right now we are priced at our break even point. Ugh.

We were one of those stupid people who had a home equity line and then saw our house value drop by around $60k.

I did go to Netherworld here in ATL last year via a group event here. Only 3 of us showed up, though! Maybe this year will be nicer.

We set up Hallowindow and some black light ghouls in all the windows and got tons of comments on it... if they only knew. HA. I pulled out the pneumatic stuff but since I didn't have time to test it and tweak it, I just canned it for 2008.

Just watched a Home Improvement HW episode... so I'm getting a little more stoked!
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