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Let me begin by saying, "I don't believe in ghosts"

This story is TRUE, and it still gives me chills down my spine

I will also mention that my family has no mental illnesses which would leave me to believe this story is false

Setting: Lemont Illinois late 60's early 70's (this was when the town was all farmland and not developed)

My Dad and aunt were driving in a roadster down an old farm road. They were speeding down this road having a grand old time. There was nothing but corn fields in all directions. Back in these days, no one was out here. Nowadays this is all developed with homes. So, they were speeding down this old farm road when they sped by some figures. At first they thought it was a stranded family who were lost and needed a ride back into town. My Dad pulled over and got out of the car. He wanted to see if the 'people' needed help.

As he approached the family there appearance was more transparent. My Dad spoke saying. "Are you alright?" The ghostly family did not say anything but just stared back. After a moment my Dad realized something about this family was strange. Shocked and not knowing what was going on he stepped back and got into the car. As he looked into the distance they shadowy figures disappeared.

He was very articulate on the attire they were dressed in. The clothing they were wearing were not typical to that era. Rather they were dressed in pioneering clothes. They were a family of farmers, but more traditional in style. My Dad remembers this story very clearly. When he confronted my Aunt a couple years back about the incident she didn't remember until he refreshed her memory, and it scared her so much that she wishes he didn't remind her......

I don't know what to think... different.....

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