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Why not go mix it up with a swamp/bayou party? I'm hoping all your guests watch or know of the show? The fact it's set in small-town Louisiana could be a great aspect- have loads and loads of moss hanging around, some driftwood, you could wind mini lights around them and cover them with moss. If you can find things like toy alligators, snakes, vultures, or even real animal bones if you've found any to place around. Look through the opening credits for some inspiration.

Also you can get t-shirts for Merlotte's and Fangtasia as well as all sorts of other merch on hbo.com. Download some of the music they use for the closing credits, and the theme song as well. Check out some of the older threads on here about voodoo/swamp themed parties, that would be cool. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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