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Troll Records I want to buy

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I'm looking for the 4 records by Troll records that came out around 1973. They had titles such as Great Gohst Stories, Thriller and Chillers and Scary Spooky Stories. Can someone either supply me with a plcae to download these or to purchase at a reasonable cost?:eek:
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You don't need a membership (I don't) but, when you get to the up load page, next to the MEGAUPLOAD it says please enter (and then it shows three letter verifaction code) here: Type it in then click the up load button. Then it will make you wait 45 seconds. you can watch to counter under the free side. After the countdown is complete it will turn to Free Download. Click on that and BINGO! It's just a tacktic to get you to subscribe. But went it's free it's hard to complain. I never heard those records before but I am glad I head them. Folllow the steps, you will be glad you did. At least you'll have these two back in your collection.
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