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Trick or Treat Studios Twisty Mask?

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Looks like Trick or Treat Studios is going to release a Twisty the clown mask from American Horror Story. Not much info yet, but here is the page.


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Yeah those are pre-production models and I'm assuming licensed ones. That mask could change over time. I remember last year the Walking Dead masks were altered mid-stream due to licensing. The Jeepers Creepers changed. Trick or Treat Studios is great bang for the buck. I mean if you really want the mask exactly the way you think it should be you have to paint one yourself. Painting is pretty tricky. I know this they wont sell blanks(masks not painted). Lot of masks come dull or flat. You could seal them with a finishing gloss. Again though that mask will retail for probably $65-$70. It won't be a one off $200-$500 jobber. It wont be collectors thick latex. This mask is to be worn and have fun with. Again great bang for the buck. One thing I've been doing of late is photographing any mask I sell and avoiding the stock photo. That's not a stock though just pre-production.
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