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Trick Or Treat or Haunt the Door?

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I am torn between handing out candy to TOT's and seeing their reaction to our decorations, OR taking my daughter TOTing and seeing other houses in the neighborhood (I still enjoy TOTing!)

I never had to worry before because we lived in apt buildings up until this year (no TOTs). Since my daughter is young I will probably leave the hubby to answer the door while she and I lurk the streets, then enjoy our own haunt for the later TOTs. However he is not into Halloween and likely to ignore the TOTs at the door alltogether:eek:

Oh the woes of how much fun one can pack into one sweet night! ;)
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My suggestion (which is what I would do) is to take your daughter TOTing in one direction for a while, then make your way back home and let your hubby take her in the other direction. That way you get to enjoy some of both. Hopefully your hubby won't ignore TOTers because if your house is decked out, they will expect you to be giving out candy. Unhappy older TOTers may take it out on your decor if you don't answer the door at all. That's not likely, but still possible.
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