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Trick Or Treat or Haunt the Door?

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I am torn between handing out candy to TOT's and seeing their reaction to our decorations, OR taking my daughter TOTing and seeing other houses in the neighborhood (I still enjoy TOTing!)

I never had to worry before because we lived in apt buildings up until this year (no TOTs). Since my daughter is young I will probably leave the hubby to answer the door while she and I lurk the streets, then enjoy our own haunt for the later TOTs. However he is not into Halloween and likely to ignore the TOTs at the door alltogether:eek:

Oh the woes of how much fun one can pack into one sweet night! ;)
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I run into the same problem with my son so the wife takes the son out and I stay home to Trick or Treat. We use to throw a big party every year but it bothered me that by having it that night 20 houses would now have the lights out on the 31st. So now the party is 2 or 3 days before.
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