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Trick-or-Treat my ride

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Sooooo... We just bought a new car. I was totally bummed to sell my Jeep Liberty. I need the 4WD in the winter and I could throw my dogs in the back and head to the dog park. I like my new Sonata BUT no 4WD and I'm not throwing my dogs in a brand new sedan. Hubby knew I was having a hard time so when his parents were getting rid of their Explorer for $1000 he let me know. Of course I bought it. It's in good shape they were just dumping it because they got a new car. It was kinda my Christmas gift. Anyway... I want to Halloween-ify it. Why not? I've never had a cheap car before so I want to make it original.

I want it to look good when I'm done and I don't want to spend a ton of money since the car didn't cost much but I do want it to be Spooktacular. Anyone got any good ideas? The Explorer is white. Tan leather interior.
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Hey.. we just got a new Sonata too!

Window stickers/magnet decals are the first thought but I'm sure someone here has something better....

Also an arm or something hanging out of the back window.
For a few extreme ideas see www.hauntedravensgrin.com my cars.
Hmmm...white Explorer....my first thought would be an updated version of the Ghostbusters car, Ecto-1

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Love the cars and ideas. I'm especially loving the decals. The bats and the Nightmare Before Christmas scene. Affordable and fun. I didn't even think to look for decals on Ebay.

Keep 'em coming. Oh and I def need an arm or something hanging out of the back. Eeekk! Hubby is cringing as I'm typing this. Bwahahahahaha!
This is the first year I'm decking out my Escape. I figure more people see the vehicle than my house.

Someone ran a red light and hit my car in March. Totaled the car but it's still drivable. I'm taking advantage of that dent and attaching a spider to the door panel where the dent is. I'm putting a skeleton in the passenger seat wearing a seatbelt looking out the window and waving. The "support Halloween" magnet will remain on the back. I'm going to make a bat antenna topper. The roof rack is going to be lined with dollar tree skulls.
Custom painted Jack O' Lantern hubcaps?
Even plain orange would look cool with black tires.

A black, orange and purple Halloween wreath wired to the front grill.

If it's a stick-shift, a pumpkin or skull knob for the stick.

A high quality figure of a broom-riding witch to hang from the rear-view mirror, something nice.

Halloween-themed floormats.

See if you can find a really cool hood ornament, like a bat, a skull, something.

If it has an antennae, get a Halloween-themed ornament for that.

Bloody hand prints on the rear window, to the side so as not to block vision.

Fluorescent triangle eyes and a toothy grin on the back, for those travelers behind you on dark nights.
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