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I just wondered what everyones thoughts were on the idea I had for this Halloween. I make up treat bags for my TOT's and fill them with small chocolate bars and jelly sweets normally Halloween themed. I'm aiming for 300 bags this year and have to admit it gets a little expensive.
So I approached the owner of my local sweet shop, a specialist "traditional" sweet shop who still sells 1p sweets and has the walls lined with jars of sweets you haven't seen for years! I asked him if he would be willing to offer me a small discount if I were to add a flyer or small advert to my TOT bags. To my delight he loved the idea, being a fan of Halloween himself, and he offered me a 50% discount!!!!
I picked up the sweets today and am picking up the flyers next week, we've agreed on a voucher so the TOT's can get a discount at his shop.
I wondered if anyone else had done anything similar and just generally what everyone's thoughts were on this form of sponsorship. For me this is probably the only way I could maintain the quantity and quality of sweets that I give away this year.
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